Thursday, July 16, 2009

There is no free lunch!

no-free-lunch copy
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An economics professor once shared the TINSTAAFL theory of economics with us - There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Ultimately you will have to pay for it. I get it from the standpoint that I don't typically expect transactions to be anything but an equitable exchange of value in business.

Where people are concerned, natural optimist that I am, mistrust isn't generally my first reaction to things. I assume people tell me the truth unless I have evidence or precedent to lead me to think otherwise.

But sometimes a deal that seems too good to be true really is. There's a catch. I saw a Tweet a couple of weeks ago that said, to “add 400 followers per day @” Fairly new to Twitter, I thought, "Cool. I'd like more followers!" and I signed up. Silly, silly me.

There is a Twitteradder that appears to be completely legit. Tweeteradder is not, at least that's been my experience. Their terms of service include a permission to market their service from your Twitter ID. Because I have multiple Twitter IDs, that resulted in my being contacted by Twitter about a violation in my terms of service.

We're all learning together about the new social networking media, and it's exciting to contemplate growing a huge follower base. But proceed with caution. You might be looking for lunch, but you'll pay for it - one way or the other. It won't be free.