Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is your pain level?

Levels of pain
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My younger daughter had surgery yesterday (she's doing just fine, thanks) and after her procedure the recovery room nurse used this Universal Pain Assessment Tool to figure out what my daughter needed in the way of pain meds, etc.  Well, she would have used it had my contrary second grader actually answered the question "show me how much pain you're feeling." Ultimately my daughter's lack of response gave the nurse enough of a clue that she was feeling downright rotten.

Finding relief from pain is a huge motivator, probably the biggest one there is.  So what is your level of pain right now?  In what areas?  Is that pain bearable, like a dull ache?  Or is it sharp enough to keep you up at night? 

Pain doesn't have to be physical - sometimes the pain associated with negative emotions, disappointment, unmet expectations, stress, etc. can be quite pervasive.  And you can't take pain meds to make it go away.  Sure, you can temporarily anaesthetize yourself to block it out - drink heavily, zone out in front of the tube, eat too much - but you won't make it go away.

Longer-term pain relief involves uncovering its root cause, and then taking action of some sort to resolve it.

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KrishaLiva said...

This pain lever chart was so cool! I think I also need this chart for my nephew so that I can know her pain level. Thanks for sharing.

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