Friday, December 21, 2012

Grandma - what big teeth you have!

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How low can a person go?  Or perhaps a better question is - how stupid does a person think another person can be?

Five lashes to "Martin R", who decided to use the Christmas holiday to attempt to scam the operator of a home-based business.  Martin dear, you took it at least two steps too far, and the jig is up.  This person is WAY onto you.  They are going to let the whole thing play out so they can see how you (try to) do what it is that you do to collect money that isn't yours.

Poor Martin is in a dilemma.  She writes that she is a poor deaf woman (named Martin??) who has no debit or credit card.  She wants to order a whole slew of gifts for the women in her life, but she waited until a date close enough to Christmas that she has to have the help of this businessperson living two states away from her to make the holidays happy.  She(??) asks for the payment total - including shipping - and commits to mail a check to the business.

The business owner, smelling a rat (or wolf) behind Grandma's little cap, agrees to fill the order, but doesn't disclose to Martin that there will be no jumping the gun and placing the order without cash in hand - Christmas or no Christmas.

Surprisingly, (not!) Martin's boss has left her in the lurch.  What's even more surprising is that in the same sentence Martin's boss is referred to as both HE and SHE.  Hmmmm.....  Martin sends another email, asking the business owner to deposit the coming check, which will be for far more than the price of the order.  She asks that the difference be returned to her, and that the business owner keep $20 to compensate for the trouble.  She even sends a tracking number to make the claim look official.

As if that weren't shady enough, poor Martin is having plumbing trouble.  SHE wants the extra money to be wired to her engineer, who will be doing plumbing work for her as soon as the funds arrive to his account.  The business owner is surprised that the plumber is the only character in this saga who has not yet been male AND female!

Martin - whatever your name is - how stupid do you think people are???  Or perhaps you're thinking that the  warm emotions of the holiday season will place their logic on the back burner long enough for you to play them?  The only element that you missed in your incredible tall tale is that you're an exiled Nigerian princess with an inheritance coming to you in West Virginia.  Good grief.

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