Friday, January 4, 2013

Is your business bite-sized?

Bite sized Low Fat Non-Fried Samosa Cups - Perfect Appetizer by sreelus
Bite sized Low Fat Non-Fried Samosa Cups -
Perfect Appetizer
, a photo by sreelus on Flickr.
From tapas restaurants to catered buffets, bite-sized is a serious trend.  The table is loaded, but it's with little pieces of a lot of different choices.  Even if you're not in food services, the concepts behind bite-sized might just help you to generate new clients - and keep them.

Why would someone only choose a bite or two when they could have a meal?  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They are not sure they will like it.  The commitment to one bite is a risk they are willing to take.
  • They have other things on their plate that they have already ordered, and more than a bite of this dish would make the total meal too heavy.
  • Your dish is rare and costly, and they can only afford a small portion.  Think of caviar here.
  • They want variety on their plate, and having small bites allows them to have a diversified and tasty meal.
  • A large slice of cake will blow their diet, but a teensy cupcake won't do any harm.  They can say yes instead of saying no - because your offering is bite-sized.
Now of course the idea here is that one bite creates the desire for another, and another.  There has to be a lot of flavor contained in that bite, and you probably want to use your best ingredients.  The presentation has to be appealing enough to make your dish stand out from dozens or more on the table.  And the taste has to fulfill the promise that the presentation makes.

Do you have some product or service offerings that are bite-sized?  Could you make it easier for a prospective new customer to say yes by allowing them to get to know your company in a way that relieves their risk and allows them to do a taste test of sorts?

How would your business be different if you focused only on helping clients make a first, small purchase - a taste test?  Then what would you do to build a loyal customer from that first encounter?

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