Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wanted: One Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother _8789 by Disney-Grandpa
Fairy Godmother _8789,
a photo by 
Disney-Grandpa on Flickr.
Cinderella had one.  Just when every single other person in the kingdom was heading for the social event of the decade and Cindy was stuck at home scrubbing the floors, she appeared out of nowhere.  And she hooked Cindy up with a great outfit, hairdo (complete with tiara!) and a fabulous ride to the ball.  Cindy took it from there, entrancing the prince even before she had to dash out of the castle before her carriage repumpkinized.

What would Cinderella's life have been like without her Fairy Godmother?  And where can we all get one, somebody who shows up when the going gets tough and makes it all better - just because?

Sometimes this creature isn't quite so fantasy-bound, wearing sparkly clothing and waving a wand.  But in the "real world" this person does still appear.  Godmother or Godfather, (or angel investor or auntie or grandpop,) they are flesh and blood, and they have the best interests of a special person or persons at heart.  They step in at just the right moment, when it looks like the conditions are turning ugly.  They wave their wand just when the future is looking like the same-old drudgery and the roadblocks to something better are ten feet tall.  And they transform the situation.

Everyone should have the opportunity to have a Fairy Godmother.  Every person has the responsibility to take hold of his or her fortunes and be active in manifesting the future.  But the Fairy Godmother is the catalyst, the reminder that the possibilities are still possible.  She sets the wheels in motion with resources, or a vote of confidence, or game-changing intel supplied at just the right moment.

It would be great if you had a Fairy Godmother to call your own.  But there is another opportunity here.  You can BE a Fairy Godmother for someone.  If you are keeping your eyes and ears tuned to the people and the challenges around you, the openings may appear for you to step in and do that special thing that you can do to move a person or a problem forward.  You can be the catalyst that turns a situation from dire to delightful.

Perhaps the Fairy Godmother role is one that you can take on in order to pay it forward from your own life story.  One appeared when you needed her (or him,) and now that your story has unfolded and you are in the position to do so, you can BE one.  This doesn't mean that you do it for them.  The Fairy Godmother didn't do the dancing at the ball.  She wasn't the one who enchanted the Prince with her good looks and sweet demeanor.  Those achievements were up to Cinderella.  But without the Fairy Godmother stepping in at a critical point in the action, the story couldn't have had the same fairytale ending.  Wanted:  One Fairy Godmother.  Could it be you?

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